The Lope: Autumnal twilight on MO Route 66

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Autumnal twilight on MO Route 66

Saturday night, Ace Jackalope rescued this innocent Missouri girl from a dweeb pirate.

In gratitude, the young lady took Ace on a road trip from Springfield to Joplin MO.

Here is a fabulous vintage sign on Glenstone in Springfield.

Lunch was had at Lamberts, "The Home of the Throwed Rolls." Ace caught one with his antlers.

Ace is more successful at lunch dates than the average guy.

A young lady working the register at Lamberts commented that Ace was "one cute bunny with antlers."

They drove Springfield to Joplin on Route 66. Here, the setting sun glints off a closed store in Halltown, MO.

A woman on a horse follows a ribbon of 66 into the sunset.

The full moon rises over 66, west of Halltown, MO.

There is a meditative quality in night driving. This is Rt 66 somewhere west of Halltown and east of Carthage.

How fitting that one would see a cemetary in the headlights during Halloween season. This is near Carterville, MO on Route 66.

Monday afternoon found Ace in Joplin, MO, scouting for autumn tree photos.

He wasn't the only one enjoying the trees.


Blogger N said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the fun pics! Looks like a great time. :o) I absolutely love those Fall colors - you captured them very well. Kudos!

Tue Sep 30, 10:23:00 AM  

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