The Lope: Where is Ace Jackalope? (episode 5)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where is Ace Jackalope? (episode 5)

In the woods, near field and brook, Ace happens across a rough tooth refugee from the meadows, who only wants peace through understanding. Where is Ace?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jurassic Park, KS ???

Thu Sep 07, 08:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Cumbres said...

Is it Dinoasour gardens in Michigen?

Sun Sep 10, 09:42:00 AM  
Blogger TheLope said...

It's neither in KS nor at Dinosaur Gardens, but the latter is a good guess. There's a big clue to be found in the phrase "peace through understanding." Also, "rough tooth" is the name of this dinosaur in Greek.

Sun Sep 10, 02:53:00 PM  
Anonymous toltec said...

Flushing Meadows, New York. Site of the 1964 New York World's Fair. Theme of the fair was "Peace through understanding."

Sun Sep 10, 06:44:00 PM  
Anonymous toltec said...

Does Ace have his own personal tailor?

Sun Sep 10, 09:11:00 PM  
Blogger TheLope said...

Toltec is close to the truth. Yes, that dinosaur *was* in Flushing Meadows for the 1964-65 World's Fair...but where is it now?

As to Ace's finery, he does have a leather craftsman, Justin Reichert of McPherson, KS. He also has a chain maille maker, Chuck Sawyer of Wichita, KS. For clues as to where he obtains many of the rest of his disguises, see: and

Sun Sep 10, 11:16:00 PM  
Anonymous toltec said...

Ace & the dino must be in Riverside Park, in Independence, KS.

Mon Sep 11, 11:51:00 PM  
Blogger TheLope said... "on the right track" The animal Ace is facing is very similar to the one in KS, and he's seen it too, just a few days ago, but the one in KS is a Corythosaurus and the one in the picture is something else.

Tue Sep 12, 12:09:00 AM  
Anonymous toltec said...

Ace is visiting Trachodon at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL.

Tue Sep 12, 01:56:00 PM  
Blogger TheLope said...

Yes; Toltec is correct. Ace was at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago in July, after we had finished our Ohio trip and before setting out on an Illinois Route 66 journey. Well be starting a series on the Sinclair Dinoland dinosaurs as soon as we get more archival pictures of them from various sources, and eventually we'll get to that Rt66 stuff.

Tue Sep 12, 04:00:00 PM  

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