The Lope: Acicle

Friday, December 01, 2006


We've had a bit of snow and ice here in the Midwest US the past couple days...cold, too. At one o'clock AM November 30 - two nights ago - Ace Jackalope went outside to observe the neighbor's Christmas lights and decided to test a new winter parka. It had been sleeting for awhile.

By 1:46 AM, I figured he was not coming back in for awhile.

Yesterday at 2:06PM, he'd been out almost 12 hours. The sleet had continued, but Ace was on top of a car - a rather aerodynamic surface - so much of the sleet was swept away.

10:44AM, Dec 1st (today): The sleet had turned into snow overnight and Ace is entombed up to his neck.

Across the street from Ace, a thin coating of ice taunts a tree that had hopes of new growth in the recent unseasonably warm weather.


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