The Lope: Hail

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It hailed this evening in Hutchinson Kansas...two large distinct waves that I counted, plus a few smaller ones peppered in here and there.

4:11 PM - Of course, I was outside. A view across Avenue A in Hutchinson shows the heavy rain and hail during the first wave.

4:11 PM - Hail on a lawn

4:13 PM - I made it inside and began to assess my damage. One of the west-facing attic windows had a screen blown through.

6:06 PM - The hail had stopped over an hour ago, so I set out to a friend's house. This was my car, tastefully decorated with leaves.

6:10 PM - Surprise! A second wave of hail...I sought temporary refuge under the K-61 overpass on Avenue A. I aborted the mission to a friend's house when I saw the street flooding, which I was just barely bright enough not to try to shoot while driving.

The side of the street. I made it home in a few minutes.

6:16 PM - During the 2nd wave, I discovered that hail now comes in convenient lozenges.

See more hail and flood pictures at the blog of Patsy Terrell.


Anonymous Jo said...

Holy Shameeel!!!

Glad you didn't have more damage than this. I do think I like the green touch on the car...but...I just like green!

Wed May 23, 08:35:00 PM  

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