The Lope: Bride of Pyrotechnic Pig

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bride of Pyrotechnic Pig

A Continuation of the epic saga started in Peril of the Pyrotechnic Pig

The day after my initial attempt to amuse my friends by setting off ground bloom fireworks inside an unfortunately under-sized plastic pig bank, I tried one more time. While burning nearly anything is good quality entertainment and appeals to the inner Beavis, I still felt the plastic pyrotechnic pig failed of his potential.

So, I switched the charge to a small sparking fountain which was called "Happiness." I don't think the piggy would agree with the label.

That's Mark Reddig you see in the video, followed by Patsy Terrell and then Mia Denman at the last.

Mark: "Oh, that was so good!"

Piggy done got blowed upside down.

Patsy: "I don't know why it's funny, but it is."

For greater amusement value and to feed your lust for burnt plastic, I added three cowboys and three Indians. Think of it as a re-imagining of How the West was Won.

Patsy: "Poor piggy"

Mark: "Poor, poor piggy"

One Indian was knocked down.

Another attempt

This time, a cowboy and another Indian are down for the count. Patsy recorded this attempt and blogged it.

Patsy asks if I remembered to mention that I'm Joyce's boy. That's Joyce Holmes, Granby High School class of '48. Hi mom! Aren't you proud?

This time, the West was lost to everyone, as all cowboys and Indians are down.

It was time to abandon my pigacidal attempts and take off for the the fireworks show that concluded Hutchfest, the summer festival of Hutchinson, Kansas.

After the fireworks show and right before shooting fireworks in the city would be illegal, I used the last fountain. The pig survived to see another year. Isn't he lucky?


Anonymous Lisa T (VA) said...

Yea! Piggy survived :-)

Tue Jul 08, 07:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Polymer Porcine Preservation Society objects vigorously. We assume he will receive appropriate medical care before the next Fourth of July. (Cowboys and Indians aren't real thrilled about it, either.)


Wed Jul 09, 12:23:00 PM  

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