The Lope: Charmed Existence

Friday, January 30, 2009

Charmed Existence

Some of you who enjoy Ace's travels also follow the life of his pal, Patsy Terrell. Patsy went into surgery Tuesday for the removal of an ovarian tumor which ultimately proved to be benign.

It was really scary for about three weeks, between the time we all knew Patsy had a tumor and the moment the pathology report came back for it on Wednesday. I now have great empathy for anyone going through the nightmare of uncertainty with a friend or loved one.

Though I can't claim to match Ace's rapport with any woman, Patsy is a good friend of mine and I've been helping at the hospital and keeping up her blog while she recuperates. Look in if you like at Patsy's Ponderings.

When they wheeled her up to her room she asked me "is it gone?" I replied that it was, and that it was not cancer. Groggily, she spoke "charmed existence."


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