The Lope: Welcome, October.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcome, October.

The weather grows more autumnal, but there is still fun to be had outside.

Always a supporter of the arts, Ace attended the Bethel College Fall Festival in North Newton, KS, Saturday. The event was well run and well attended, despite the rain which plaqued it in the afternoon.

The rain did not stop artists from selling their wares. Here are the before and after (sunshine and rain) pics of Ace's most frequent female companion.

You could tell when someone had been in a chair in the rain.

Members of the Bethel College Students for Social Change made organic apple cider.

Performers included the City of McPherson Pipe Band.

Butterflies enjoyed the native wildflower gardens on the campus.

Look at the eyes...scarier than Mothra.

There are a few nice touches of 1960's architecture on campus, as seen in these windows.

Sunday, the Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson, KS, lived up to its name by providing plenty of nature in the way of water snakes and lots of flowers and insect life.

A biologist friend of mine tells me these are autumn olive; they sure are pretty.

New England aster is a favorite flower of bees.


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