The Lope: Earth and Sky

Monday, November 21, 2005

Earth and Sky

This is an installment in the trip we took back in August from Joplin, MO to LA, CA. It was August 3rd and we had just left Seligman, AZ; it was a beautiful day for cloudscapes.

We took Interstate 40 rather than Rt66 as we had a a lot of ground to cover and I had taken 66 to the California border on a previous trip.

Kingman is where Rt66 rejoins Interstate 40 after a long arc to the North. We didn't exit at Kingman as I'd explored it before. (see here and here)

Geology is pretty much the star of the show on this stretch.

I shot the sign because I couldn't resist the name.

The structure known as the Golf Ball House was built near Yucca, AZ, as a restaurant/lounge for a housing developement that never got off the ground.

It is currently a residence and is for sale.

You can read more about it, and even see a video of the inside at the Home and Garden Television website.

I don't know what the story is concerning these out-structures. Have you ever noticed that the desert breeds a beautiful form of eccentricity?

Next time we resume Route 66:
"This here's the bones of a Country"; Crossing the Colorado River..


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