The Lope: Fire Spinner

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fire Spinner

One should always keep friends with diverse interests; it broadens one's world.

Ace's friend, Stacy, invited him to see her practice fire spinning.

For more information on fire spinning, see Home of Poi and wikipedia.

Fire spinning is a performance art with roots in several cultures.

The performer attempts to weave designs in the air by executing maneuvers of varying complexity.

Complicated maneuvers can require intense concentration.

The wick balls she is spinning are called "poi." Stacy shortened the length of the chains holding her poi so as not to strike the ground, which might splash burning fuel.

Ace wore a fireman's coat just in case.

Time exposures can do funny things. You can see gaps in the flame trail from points at which Stacy was in front of the flames.

The fuel in the poi has begun to exhaust, hence the uneven flames.

Both emerged unscathed.

Of course, when the fire is out, you can break out the glow sticks and practice with your friends and family.


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