The Lope: Another 15 Minutes

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another 15 Minutes

I'm on again, here. They're featuring some photos I took of Greensburg, KS before and after the tornado that struck it earlier this month. Those photos will follow shortly in my own post.

Ace and I may also be able to be described with one of my favorite 1960s packaging phrases, "As Seen on TV", by the end of this weekend. Diane Hawkins-Cox of CNN's Sci-Tech unit interviewed me via phone on Thursday, mostly about Greensburg. As I replay the conversation in my head, I wonder when "uh" and "um" crept into my speech.

Update: CNN archived it here. The audio doesn't sound too good - not their fault; I think it was my cell phone. It hasn't played much so far. I was upstaged by a giant pig, two gay flamingos and a drunk Lindsay Lohan. Life is nothing if not comedic.


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